Weight Training Routines - Design a Program That'll Get You Results!

weight lifitng

One of the key systems to building quality muscle mass and getting the physique you want, is choosing what type of weight training program you pursue.

It's extremely vital to your fitness success.

It's not about picking a random program you found online.

Building high-grade muscle takes master planning and proper muscle building routines.

I find it quite sad, when I see young people tearing out articles and following the workout routines from fitness magazines or muscle building webiste like sustanoncycle.top. Those guys are simply misguided.

Sure, those diagrams may help and be entertaining. But if your looking to develop some serious muscle, and truly own your physique.

You need to learn how to design your own, unique bodybuilding workout program.

It's only then, can you really, honestly control the direction of your goals. Having the ability to develop a custom weight training routine will give you full control on the path of your fitness.

You need to be riding driver, not passenger seat!

This is extremely important because not all workout programs work for the everyone. Some people respond to certain workouts different compared to others.

Just because something works for one person, doesn't mean it'll work the same for you. It's a trial and error process. Find out what works best for you, and stick with it.

That's why its imperative that you custom design your own program. Because you can tailor your program as you progressively grow and as your fitness goals change.

Don't worry. It's not all that difficult. I'll personally help by guiding you through the steps.

Follow these tips for designing your very own weight training routines.

1. Create a Schedule

When looking to design a weight training routine, you need to check your personal schedule, and see which days and times are you available from your daily obligations (yes daily, muscle takes time to grow!).

If you find that you have very busy schedule.

You need to personally re-visit your priorities, and see which ones you can eliminate - free up some time for your workouts.


"I'm free Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday after 7pm."

2. Duration Period

In order to have an effective muscle building program. You need to invest in at least 60-90 minutes for each workout session.

It's important to give yourself a minimum of 40 mins and no more than 90 mins for each one of your workouts.

Honestly, that's all the time you need to be spending at the gym.

Anymore time then that is just overkill. You'll be doing yourself a disservice.

No need to have one of those insane "Marathon 3+ hr Lifting Sessions". It may sound hardcore and possibly, impress some of your friends, but its purely a waste of your time.

It's more effective to keep your workouts short, simple and the intensity level high.


"I need to make time and devote ~60 mins to my workout sessions."

3. Lifting Schedule

You need to plan on training all the major muscles in the body including: chest, chest, back, abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and legs.

You should be thoroughly build each muscle group, if you want to build an aesthetic and symmetrical physique.

Focusing each workout session to a particular area of the body will help your body grow proportionally.

Doing this, will maximize your muscle building gains. Helping you quickly develop strength, power, and by far, the most effective way to achieving an amazing physique.

"Saturdays @ 7pm, I will be focus on Backs & Biceps.
Sundays @ 7pm, I will focus on Chest & Triceps."

4. Sets and Repetitions

What is the difference between a Set and a Repetition?

In order to properly build a weight training routine. You need to get familar with some commonly used weight training terminology.

When figuring out how many sets you need to do, you should have the premise of:

3-4 Set's Per Exercise

When figuring out how many repetitions you need to do, you should be in the ball park of:

6-8 Repetition Per Set

These are all important because, if you choose the correct amount of sets and repetitions, you can really accelerate your muscle building results.

Your goal here is to, lift enough weights with the correct set and repetitions so that you effectively tear down muscle fibers.

By breaking down the fibers, you're causing the muscles and tissues to grow back larger and stronger.

In order to grow, you need to add stress to the muscle fibers.

5. Rest & Recovery

Yes. This is self-explainatory.

You will need to fit in time for rest and recovery.

This is, one of the biggest misunderstood principles of muscle building. Some people just don't get it.

You need to schedule in at least two-three quality rest days. And also plan to get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night!

If your new to the bodybuilding, or weight lifting in general, this is something you need to learn, and learn quickly.

Muscles do not grow in the gym. They grow while your eating, sleeping and resting!

Rest is the only time your muscles are able to restructure itself, and properly grow.

Without adequate rest, you're robbing your body's natural ability to fully recover. This will seriously slow down your gains, and most likely, cause you to get frequently sick, and even worst, tearing muscle and getting you injured!

It's not worth it. Don't take the chance. Don't do that to yourself.

You've already put in 60 solid minutes of intense weight training. Now, go home and reward yourself by - eating, resting and getting a good nights sleep!

Bottom Line:

The take home message here is: when it comes to designing a weight training routine, you need to understand that not all training programs are a one size fits all.

Everyone is different. You need to design a schedule that works for you.

You need to focus on developing your very own unique program. It'll give you the best results, as it is created, and tailored to your unique schedule and fitness goals.

Thoughtfully, take the time to plan, and design your routines. A solid plan is worth its weight in gold.

Doing this will help you in the long run as you'll become more aware of what your aiming towards.